Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh Canada!

Gavin and I just got back from Canada last week where we had our last and final reception. Whew! That was a lot of receptions, I guess we're officially married now, although we've been married for 2 months and 4 days. We had an openhouse and my home in Vanderhoof and it was beautiful.  We had great weather the whole time we were up there, which was fabulous.  We took Gavin on his first fourwheeling experience, went up Sinkut Mountain to get a view of Vanderhoof, swam in the Nechako River and ate a whole ton of ice cream we had left over from the open house. It was a great trip.
OOH! a real live mounty!

This is the view from Sinkut Mountain, which overlooks Vanderhoof, my hometown
This is Gavin practicing golf before we went to the driving range where we both discovered we are NOT golfers!