Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Enjoying the new lawn

our 2nd anniversary!

Gavin and I have been married for two whole years now since May 14th, 3 pm.  That by the way is long time by today's standards.  This year for our anniversary we decided to get away at the JW Marriott in Las Vegas.  Gavin had stayed there on alot of his basketball trip to Vegas and he told me he always thought about bringing his future wife there whenever he stayed there.  It was a REALLY nice hotel/resort.  The room was huge with a bathroom almost as big as the room itself and french doors leading out to a balcony.  The grounds around it were beautiful, not to mention they have goldfish on steroids living in the pond that surrounds the hotel. It was awesome.
On the ride over, I read the journal I kept while we were dating.  It was pretty funny and I ended up balling a couple of times. I'm so glad I kept that journal with pretty much every detail of the 6 months we dated.  We saw the Avengers, ate out, swam and just hung out enjoying our time alone together.  On the way home we stopped at the Las Vegas Temple and did a few sealings to top it off.  We (mostly me) were getting pretty anxious to get home to see Grant.
I love my honey bunches of oats and am so blessed to be married to him.  He really is the best thing that's ever been mine and he is all mine forever and ever.  
I love you Gav!    

Saturday, May 19, 2012

mothers day

I had my very first Mothers Day and I loved it. First I woke up to breakfast in bed and then Grant gave me this cute little card he made with daddy's help (OK daddy made it) that said "I love my mommy" inside.  Gavin and Grant also gave me this adorable white wicker chair I've been wanting for the front patio and three pots of red geraniums, one of my favorites.
We went to the blessing of my newest niece Ariadne MacGregor where my brother in law Brandon gave her a beautiful blessing.  I was able to take some pictures of this beautiful little baby girl after church.  She is just so sweet and precious.  
For dinner, Gavin and Brandon planned this amazing 4 course meal, complete with a little bubbly (Martinellis).  They set the table with place cards and everything and Gavin was our waiter while Brandon cooked.  We had parmesean chicken, pasta salad, breadsticks, a jello salad, asparagus and a strawberry buckle for dessert.  It was fantastic.
I just love being a mom. It's my calling in life.  Some women will be rocket scientists, some will be best selling novelists, some will be chefs in fancy New York restaurants and some will find a cure for cancer.  Me, however, I will just be a mom and there is nothing in this world that I would rather be or do because that is the noblest calling I could be called to do; it is a gift. This is what I've been asked to do, this is my purpose, this is me.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grant- 9 months

Grant is 9 months old today and here's a few things about him:
28 " long-50th percentile
18.9 lbs-25th percentile
He is cruising around the house.  He hates crawling on hardwood and tile floors on his knees so he goes mogli-style on his hands and feet with his butt in the air.
He's got 2 bottom teeth.
He dances when music is playing and bobs up and down when Dad beat boxes.
He had his first hair cut.
He went swimming for the first time while we were in San Diego.
His favorite food is bananas, although he does love ice cream too.  Dad decided he's not allowed to have any more though because he has a complete melt down when it's all gone.
Loves Max.
He loves being outside and taking walks.
He's still super ticklish, especially under his chin, just like I was when I was little.
He has super mommy-separation anxiety.
He's really good at scaling wall, benches, cupboards, dressers, mom and dad's legs, anything he can pull himself up on. 
He can stand up with only one had supporting himself.
Shakes his head and thinks it's hilarious when we laugh at him for doing it.  
He's still awesome.

Photos taken by the amazing Sarah Allred

the best fam damily in the whole world

I'm  not bragging.  I just think that I have an amazing family.   I have a husband  who loves me and who would do anything in the world for me. There are so many reasons why I love this guy but here is just one. When we were dating I told him how much I loved my dad for always opening the car door for my mom.  Ever since he does the same but added a Gavin twist and kisses me and tells me he loves me before he shuts the door.  
Now I have this cute little baby boy.  Grant is such a sweet happy boy.  He has his moments but even in his tantrums he's still adorable and makes me so happy to be his mom.  I love his big blue eyes.  One of my favorite everyday moments with him is when he's crawling on the ground and when he sees me he gets this huge grin on his face as he crawls to me giggling.  I just love it!
Here's a few pictures my beautiful sister Sarah took of us while she was visiting Ridgecrest. Enjoy.