Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grant's first bike ride

Gav and I've decided to take up biking as our family sport.  We pedal bikes and Grant rides in his chariot.   Wait, what?!  We change his diapers, sacrifice our sleep, wash endless loads of his laundry, feed him with a spoon  and pull him around in his own personal sleigh? 
Ya, I guess we do. Probably because he's awesome and we love him.

A visit from Sarah

Last Thursday my awesome sister Sarah and her two friends from BYU rolled into town.  We had a great time together and it was so nice to see her since I probably won't see her until next year sometime.  Grant loved seeing her too.  
There's not much to do in Ridgecrest but we did manage to find a few things to do.  We color chalked out hair,  went swimming in Mrs. Bush's freezing cold pool, made pizza, painted nails, watched Grant eat and wear his first Oreo, took family pictures, watched movies, and just had a great time.  
For anyone that doesn't know Sarah you are missing out.  She's that awesome.

Emilee and Ellen

Eating an Oreo

homemade pesto chicken pizza

I love my sister

Sunday, April 15, 2012

San Diego

This past week, Gavin, Grant and I got to visit San Diego.  Gavin had a conference there at the convention center from Wednesday to Friday.  We stayed at this posh hotel call the Omni Hotel and Resorts, which just happened to have a great view of the baseball diamond the Padres play in.  I'm not into baseball, but since we had a free view of the games, we watched bits of a couple.  
One of my best friends, Nicole, who used to be my neighbor, moved to San Diego last December and I got to spend some time with her and her family while I was down there.  We went shopping, ate dinner at their house and I also had my first Cheesecake Factory experience with her.  
Grant and I had fun hanging out in our room and of course walking around and exploring old down town San Diego.  Grant got SO much attention everywhere we went.  People would stop us on the sidewalk and goo and gah over him.  He was especially always the center of attention in the elevator going up and down to and from our room; he got everyone talking to him and telling him how cute he was.  He's such a flirt.  
Gav and I took Grant swimming for the first time at the hotel swimming pool.  He loved it and was all smiles, but we only lasted about 10 minutes because the wind was so cold.  The boys decided a warm bath in the tub was much better.  
San Diego was great.  We had a great time on our family get away, eating out, visiting friends and being us. If you have the chance, check out San Diego.

Grant, Ethan and Emily

Emily shopping at Old Navy. She would not take the boots off!
Grant chillin with his daddy in our room
A warm bath after a cold swim

Happy Birthday Lorelle!

April 4th was my friend Lorelle's birthday.  Tara, Nicole and I decided to kidnap her for the night and throw her a surprise party. We ate good food, sipped Italian sodas, played games and had a great time. 
 Happy Birthday Lorelle!

Martha Stewart's chocolate cream pie for the birthday girl

a pretty pink party

My cute sister in law is going to have a baby girl so naturally, I had to throw her a shower.  Crystal and Marilyn helped me throw it and it turned out really great, even though about 20 more people than we had planned on showed up.  It goes to show what a great and fun girl Christina is; we love her! 
Here's a few pictures from the party...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

For Grandpa Rock

Grant-8 months

Grant has come a long ways this month. He's starting to act more and more like a toddler than my little baby! A little sad but its also been really fun.  He's at a really fun age. 
Grant can now roll over from his back to his tummy in addition to his tummy to his back.
He can hold his big bottle up all by himself.
He can drink out of a cup with mom's help and actually prefers it.
He weighs about 20 lbs and is 27 inches.
He likes to growl.
He learned how to shake his head and does it all the time.  He doesn't know what it means yet, only that we laugh every time he does it. 
Grant also learned how to wave. He especially loves to wave to Grandma MacGregor.
Grant went on his very first trip to Utah where he met his Great Grandma Jeanne and other family and went to BYU. Go Cougars!
He can now pull himself up all by himself and stand in his crib so we had to lower the mattress.  
Grant had a little taste of ice cream for the first time and literally went "mmmm".
He is still a mamma's boy and as cute as can be.

Friday, April 6, 2012


March was full of fun.  First Grant and I drove up to Utah to visit.  My mom was also visiting so we got to spend some time with her which was great. I love my mommy.  We stayed with my Grandma Jeanne and she got to meet her very first great grandchild.  I think it's safe to say she fell in love with Grant; it's pretty hard not to. 
Mom and I were able to go to the beautiful Bountiful Temple together.  Grandma was brave enough to volunteer to watch Grant so we could enjoy our time there.  It was so nice to be able to do a session with my favorite mom in the whole wide world. 
 I was able to get together with my sophomore BYU roommates, which was so fun.  These girls are so awesome and it was so fun to catch up on the last 2 years.  So much has happened to us all! 
We spent the night with my sister Sarah in the same apartment complex I lived in and I can't say I miss sharing  living spaces, but it was great to hang out with her. 
On the 17th, I ran my first 10 K race in Salt Lake and then we went up to Park City to visit Terri Anne's house and celebrate my cousins Ashton and Savannah and Grandma Jeanne's birthdays. I made a lemon poppy seed cake for Grandma and I must say it was quite outstanding. 
We spent most of our time at Grandma's with her friend Wayne. Grant LOVES Wayne.  He'd crack up and smile every time he caught a glimpse of him and was always trying to get his attention, which he got 99% of the time.  They were so cute together.
A week after we got home, Marilyn, Craig, Crystal and her two adorable boys, Cohen and Carson, came to visit from Utah.  While they were here, we got to go on a train ride together; Grant loved it.  We also hosted a  baby shower for Christina.  She's having a baby girl named Ariadne this month and I'm so excited for her!
March was a fantastic month; I had so much fun visiting friends and family.
Jenn, Allie, Erin, Bonnie, Me and Rochelle
Grant and Sarah at Terri's
birthday party at Terri's
Grandma's birthday cake

Wayne, Grant and Grandma

Checking out the train workroom 

Ready to go for our ride!