Thursday, August 30, 2012

a mustache birthday bash

For Grant's very first birthday we threw a "Mustache Birthday Bash".  Everyone chose a mustache to wear to help celebrate while we ate homemade cookies and milk. Gavin actually grew a real mustache for the party!  Grant enjoyed himself as he went around to everyone stealing bites of cookies and sips of chocolate milk.  My favorite part of course was watching him devour his very own personal birthday cake. Among his gifts were a basketball, a BYU baseball cap, some toys, a book, a bib and a blanket.
 We had a great time with family and friends.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Grant- One Year Old

Dear Grant,
Today you are a year old.  I know it's cliche but, time really does fly.  It has been the hardest year at times but also the best because Heavenly Father blessed me with you.  You have made me so happy and have shown me what a blessing it is to be a mother and specifically your mother.   I love relearning all the little things that bring happiness through your eyes.  I love to see you get excited when you see a basketball and how badly you want another bite of ice cream after the first.  I love how you stop whatever you are doing and crawl as fast as you can to the door when Daddy comes home at the end of the day.  I love how you hug me tight with your little arms. I love the way you smack your lips when you're hungry.  I love the way you babble and throw in a "mamama" and "dadada".  I love the way you crawl in the grass with your bottom high up in the air.  I love how when you get tired you lay your head down on the floor and hum.  I love your smile and I love your eyes.  Most of all I love how you love me and how you let me love you. 
Thank you Grant for having me as your mother and for being my little boy.

Utah- part 2

The second half of our adventure in Utah was our first ever MacGregor Family Reunion, hosted by Ian and Kristen in Lehi. They did such a great job of planning all the activities and making sure everyone was taken care of.   
The first night we had a babysitter for the kids and we all went rock climbing at the Quarry in Provo. We also went out to dinner at none other than the delicious Cheesecake Factory.  Yum. 
The next day we went to Steve and Marilyn's house for a BBQ and to swim in their amazing new pool. It was so nice to see everyone there because they are all so sweet! I lucked out marrying into this family. 
 Ian and Kristen also planned a family 5K to do together on our last day there and it was really fun.  My awesome hubby got first place.  Grant even got to  do one lap and we all got medals when we finished.  
We had such a great time and are so excited for our next family reunion.  Thanks Ian and Kristen!