Thursday, June 30, 2011

week 34

Dear Grant Kaye MacGregor,
you have a name! Mommy and Daddy have liked the name Grant ever since we found out you were a boy but we were having a really hard time finding a middle name for you.  We finally decided on our trip to Oakland, that we would not go back to Ridgecrest without a middle name for you. So Kaye it is; you get to have the same middle name as Grandpa Rock.
Mommy and Daddy finished their last birth class together last night which means we are professional childbirthers, we will know everything that will be going on, we will remain calm, cool and collected when Mommy goes into labour and we will  be in complete control of everything that happens...haha ya right.  We did learn alot though and feel we are much better prepared than before we took the classes so rest assured you will be in pretty good hands.
Mommy is getting really anxious to meet you. She is getting your nursary and the house ready for you and she can't wait to dress you in all the cute clothes she has for you. In two weeks you will be considered a term baby.  That means it's alright if you decide to come out. hint hint.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby G's Nursary

It's still a work in progress, but here's what I've got so far.

The "G" I got from Joanne's and the paintings I whipped up with some blank canvases I had laying around. I'm really happy with the way they turned out.
I needed a cute cover to cover up the ugly pad underneath so what's a girl to do? Make one of course!
The mobile.
Boys are made of puppy dog tails right?  Inspired by my neighbour's cute schnauzer, I made this little guy for fun.
I have to share these. Real leather, brand new and only $1.75 at the thrift store. I can't wait to put them on his little feet!
Gavin got this at our birth class and I just think it's so sweet and cute that he wears it everyday. It says "every day is father's day". I love this guy and he's going to be a great dad.

a trip to Oakland

Last weekend we drove up to Oakland to go to Gavin's roommate ( old roommate. I'm his roommate now) Alan's wedding.  The drive up was beautiful and the Oakland temple was even more beautiful.

 We spent friday and saturday night at my friend Tara's apartment in Manteca.  They were nice enough to take very good care of us and just look at how cute her two girls are.
This is Lydia
and this is Claire. Too cute!
So I really wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge and San Fransisco.  Needless to say we got hosed yet again with another stupid ridiculous toll road fee, but I got to see the city and the bridge.
The Bay Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge.
I LOVE Northern California. It is so green and beautiful and un-ridgecresty. I wouldn't mind living there.
We had a great trip.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

week 33

Dear Baby Boy,
Sunday morning was father's day.  Because of you, Daddy got to celebrate it himself for the first time.  Mommy made him an omlette for breakfast and homemade cookies and cream ice cream for dessert, Daddy's favorite. 
That morning Mommy also woke up with bruised ribs. Mommy was really happy about this even though it hurt everytime Daddy made Mommy laugh (which is a lot) because it meant that you probably had flipped upside down like you are supposed to be.  Yesterday  Daddy, Mommy and you went to see Doctor Nugyun.  We got to see you on the ultrasound and it turns out you have flipped upside down! Good boy! Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Just for that, Mommy is going to make sure she makes you only the best gourmet milk.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week 32

Dear Baby Boy,
This week has been HOT.  The summer heat is finally here in all its 100 degree glory.  Luckily you and Mommy have been keeping cool with the new windows Mommy and Daddy bought, watermelon, and neighbor Nicole's kiddie pool. 
As expected, you keep getting bigger and bigger and Mommy and Daddy are very anxious to see at our doctor appointment next week if you have flipped upside down like you are supposed to be. If you haven't done it yet, PLEASE be a good boy and do it for Mommy. 
Mommy and Daddy have been learning lots in their birth class and think they can now recognize all the signs that Mommy will have when she starts labour (like we have to be taught right? I think it'll be pretty obvious if all of a sudden Mommy's pants are all wet ).  Daddy is coming up with a plan of all the ways he can distract Mommy when she starts labour. 
Baby boy, you do have a name, but Mommy and Daddy are having a hard time deciding on a middle name for you.  If you like one a lot in particular that Mommy and Daddy talk about, just give Mommy a real good kick when they say it OK?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

week 31

Dear Baby Boy,
This week you've started kicking and jabbing Mommy instead of just rolling around and doing somersaults.  Its OK, don't worry, it doesn't hurt Mommy...yet.  It makes Mommy happy because it means you're growing and exercising your muscles so you can pop right out and pump some lead with Daddy : )

This week Mommy and Daddy started their very first birth class together! Mommy has been looking forward to this for quite awhile because it means that we're getting very close to having you! 
I have a funny story for you.  At the very end of the class last night, the instructor had all the mommies and daddies get on the floor and do some exercises.  As we were doing a neck exercise, Mommy was thinking to herself  sarcastically (that means something you'll learn when you're older), "Daddy is just loving this".  When she looked over,  Daddy was rolling his head around like he was supposed to but his eyes were wide open and also rolling around seeming to say "this is the stupidest thing I've ever done".  Mommy couldn't help bursting out laughing and it was really awkward because everyone else was trying to relax to the yoga music that was on.  Mommy felt bad and pulled it together, but then she just kept thinking about Daddy's face and she started laughing all over again.  She's even laughing right now as she's writing this.  When you get here, I'll have Daddy show you what he looked like and I bet you'll laugh too.

Keep growing Baby Boy.


Monday, June 6, 2011

projects lately...

 I've been really busy finishing up some projects I started for the baby.  One was this crib quilt.  It was super simple and super easy to make, which is good in my case. It's my first quilt I've ever finished and I love the way it turned out. It totally looks like Gavin has a goatee in this picture, but he doesn't. I know a few of you were panicked but I'd never let that happen so no worries.
 I saw this cute tutorial on how to make a stuffed turtle and I couldn't help myself. They were so cute! I had to make one for my baby boy.  I think an elephant would make a good friend for Mr. Turtle. hmm...possibly my next sewing project?
 I pretty much have the best husband in exsistance.  Here's the proof.
Maxy is getting so big! He's been our trial baby/child and he's survived a whole year with us, even though we have forgotten to feed him a time or two.  I think our baby has a pretty good chance of survival.
 This is my (need I say it?) HORRIFICALLY ugly bathroom. Come on, a florescent light surrounded by a box attached to the ceiling? oh and then there's the toilet with a white seat and a cream base.  Someones not very good at matching.   This bathroom has been the project I thought I would leave for last in our house but then I thought "do I really want my little boy to take baths in this place and learn how to pee in a two-toned toilet" ?! No way! so BIG changes are taking place. Updated pictures will come in future posts.
I just have to point out this floor. I don't think I need to say anything; it speaks for itself.
OK, moving on to...Food! This is the best chocolate cake you could ever put in your mouth.  It is so incredibly moist that it's almost like pudding.  Gavin's super awesome cousin Crystal made it and gave me the recipe and I took it to a BBQ at a friends house last week.  You should try it!
This was last night's dinner. Parmesan Chicken with Marinara Sauce and Penne.  When I open a restaurant, this is what I'll be famous for and Gavin will be famous for his French Toast. It's pretty superior to any French Toast. I bet the French don't even know how to make it as good as him.  ANYWAYS,  if you would like to try this SUPER quick and easy and DELICIOUS recipes, go here.

week 28, 29 & 30

Dear Baby Boy, 
Mommy has lots to tell you because she hasn't written to you in a while.  
After her last ultrasound exam Mommy went to see Doctor Nugyn for a follow up exam to see what they found out about you from the ultra sound.  Turns out you are, well you were, 2.7 pounds, which is above the average baby at 28 weeks.  You were also measuring 3 days ahead of your due date. You sure are growing quickly! Doctor Nugyn also told Mommy that you were laying transverse, which means you were laying sideways instead of up and down like you are supposed.  Mommy has been praying that you'll flip over before you get too big to be able to do it and I think it worked because now she feels something up in her ribs and she's thinking its your little feet. 
You are a very active little baby and always making sure Mommy knows you're having fun "kicking it" in her tummy.  Mommy's belly has gotten so big that she almost has an outie.  She doesn't know if her belly can get much bigger but people keep telling her it will. oh boy...she's in for it.