Thursday, June 30, 2011

week 34

Dear Grant Kaye MacGregor,
you have a name! Mommy and Daddy have liked the name Grant ever since we found out you were a boy but we were having a really hard time finding a middle name for you.  We finally decided on our trip to Oakland, that we would not go back to Ridgecrest without a middle name for you. So Kaye it is; you get to have the same middle name as Grandpa Rock.
Mommy and Daddy finished their last birth class together last night which means we are professional childbirthers, we will know everything that will be going on, we will remain calm, cool and collected when Mommy goes into labour and we will  be in complete control of everything that happens...haha ya right.  We did learn alot though and feel we are much better prepared than before we took the classes so rest assured you will be in pretty good hands.
Mommy is getting really anxious to meet you. She is getting your nursary and the house ready for you and she can't wait to dress you in all the cute clothes she has for you. In two weeks you will be considered a term baby.  That means it's alright if you decide to come out. hint hint.


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  1. My favorite part about the picture with your belly is Max laying on the ground :)