Wednesday, June 8, 2011

week 31

Dear Baby Boy,
This week you've started kicking and jabbing Mommy instead of just rolling around and doing somersaults.  Its OK, don't worry, it doesn't hurt Mommy...yet.  It makes Mommy happy because it means you're growing and exercising your muscles so you can pop right out and pump some lead with Daddy : )

This week Mommy and Daddy started their very first birth class together! Mommy has been looking forward to this for quite awhile because it means that we're getting very close to having you! 
I have a funny story for you.  At the very end of the class last night, the instructor had all the mommies and daddies get on the floor and do some exercises.  As we were doing a neck exercise, Mommy was thinking to herself  sarcastically (that means something you'll learn when you're older), "Daddy is just loving this".  When she looked over,  Daddy was rolling his head around like he was supposed to but his eyes were wide open and also rolling around seeming to say "this is the stupidest thing I've ever done".  Mommy couldn't help bursting out laughing and it was really awkward because everyone else was trying to relax to the yoga music that was on.  Mommy felt bad and pulled it together, but then she just kept thinking about Daddy's face and she started laughing all over again.  She's even laughing right now as she's writing this.  When you get here, I'll have Daddy show you what he looked like and I bet you'll laugh too.

Keep growing Baby Boy.


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  1. Too funny... been thinking a lot about you- my sister is also pregnant [she's 33 1/2 weeks right now] and she's actually in the hospital because she went into labor early. I'm here with her and it's touch & go- not sure whether she'll deliver or if it'll stop. Hopefully your little bundle stays in and doesn't give you any trouble- other than a good kick in the ribs occasionally. :)