Monday, November 15, 2010

busy busy busy...

Gavin and I have kept pretty busy lately with renovations in the living room.  First we scraped all the popcorn ceiling off ( that should have been against building code. It's not asthetically healthy) and they I retextured it and painted it. Next, we ripped out the carpet that looked like Garfield roadkill. A couple of our friends helped us put in our new laminate floor that looks 10000000000000000000000000 X 100 times better. Check it out!

 This is my fireplace and i LOVE decorating it. I can't wait to decorate it for Christmas and hang the stockings I just made on it.

This fabulous work of art I got at a local antique store. I love it!

These are what my kitchen stools looked like before Emily got a hold of them.

Ta Dum! I've fallen in love with spray paint and I just love the color

Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween this year was really fun. We decided since are yard is pretty scary as it is, we should take advantage of it and make it scarier for Halloween.  We had lights, tomb stones, spider webs and even a big spider we dropped on our unsuspecting trick or treaters. 

 Ooh! freaky don't you think?!
 Our jack-o-lanterns
 Even Max had fun
 Gavin and I went to a Murder Mystery dinner that was Pirate themed. He was Governor Napier and I was his lovely wife. We were both innocent. Turns out it was our daughters boyfriend Sea Leg Sam.
 Johnny Depp was there in his Jack Sparrow costume, which was AWESOME!

Just kidding. It was however Johnny Depps stunt man in Pirates of the Carribean. I was convinced it was Johnny for a while. He looks just like him! 

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

This summer

I've been really terrible about updating our blog, so here's a summary of what we did this summer
 I was incredibly domestic and made both peach, apricot and blackberry jam, peach salsa and I canned apricots and peaches. Yep, I was a busy girl, not to mention the mess the kitchen was after it was all done. That was a big job in itself! 
For a wedding gift, Lorie, Gavin's sister, gave us tickets to The Pageant of the Masters. It was this big art thing where people pose as paintings. It was really cool! The location was awesome too. It was in Laguna Beach. We went to the Newport Temple while we were there too and it was GORGEOUS!

We got a dog and named him Max. He's a pointer lab mix and a super dog.

Gavin made me pancookin. That's not how you spell it, but it's a dutch food that's a mix between a pancake and a crepe and they're super delicious; a new favorite of mine.

I finally got most of the kitchen cabinets painted white and as you can see, Max decided he'd check out the paint. It was wet.


This was almost 6 months ago, but for our honeymoon, we spent a few days in Las Vegas at the Desert Paradise Resort and then we went on a Cruise to Catalina Island and Ensanada Mexico. Here's just a few of the pics from the cruise.
 This is on board on our own deck outside our room when we stopped at Catalina Island

 Gavin right before the formal dinner
Ensenada, Mexico
Ensenada is way ghetto, but this was an old church that was pretty cool
The End