Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween this year was really fun. We decided since are yard is pretty scary as it is, we should take advantage of it and make it scarier for Halloween.  We had lights, tomb stones, spider webs and even a big spider we dropped on our unsuspecting trick or treaters. 

 Ooh! freaky don't you think?!
 Our jack-o-lanterns
 Even Max had fun
 Gavin and I went to a Murder Mystery dinner that was Pirate themed. He was Governor Napier and I was his lovely wife. We were both innocent. Turns out it was our daughters boyfriend Sea Leg Sam.
 Johnny Depp was there in his Jack Sparrow costume, which was AWESOME!

Just kidding. It was however Johnny Depps stunt man in Pirates of the Carribean. I was convinced it was Johnny for a while. He looks just like him! 

Happy Halloween!


  1. EMILY! It is your first celebrity meeting in California! Love the post!

  2. I love the costumes- they are good looking! I went bowling for Halloween as Cleopatra and Brandon as a Frito Lay dude- it was a blast!!! :-)