Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grant- 4 Months

This little boy has grown so much over the last month and has TONS of personality.  His latest new talent is laughing histerically and screaming (out of joy).  He is just so adorable and we are so happy to have him be a part of our little family.  We love love love him!

birth: 8.13 lbs
now: 15.5 lbs

Birth: 22.5 inches
Now: 25.5 inches

Special Talents:
eating solids

Food- carrots, pears, rice cereal
Daddy singing

being alone
waiting between spoonfuls of food

When he is asleep, he is out.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 5th- National Emily Day and A Visit from Sinterclause

December 5th is when the Dutch celebrate a holiday called Sinterclause. Since Gavin spent two years in the Neatherlands on his mission, we started celebrating it when we were dating and have continued the tradition since. 
What you do is put your shoe out the night before and if you have been a good little girl or boy, Sinterclause will leave you candy in your shoe. If you have been naughty, his helper "Black Pete" will take you away to Spain where you will become a black slave.
Luckily, we were all good this year and are still white and free. Whew, I was scared.
December 5th also happens to be my birthday! This year it was my 21st and the best one yet. Not only do I have a wonderful husband to celebrate it with, but the cutest baby too.
Yes, this may be the ugliest cake you have ever layed eyes on, but looks can be decieving.  It was very delicious.  Thank you Gavin : ) 

 We went to dinner at my favorite restaurant in town, a Mediteranean place where I got to choose anything I wanted for free.  Naturally, I chose the most expensive dish on the menu, lamb chops and boy were they good.
My sweet baby G.

Thank you Gavin for the best birthday yet.  I love you!

Friday, November 18, 2011

What's new with me?

So I'm pretty sure this is the first post since Grant was born that doesn't involve him. Sad I know, but he's just too dang cute.
What is new with me? Well I do have some pretty exciting news.   Thanks to my friend Tara, I opened my very own Etsy Shop! Let me introduce you.
After much deliberation I decided " Mrs. M. Sews" was a good name for my shop.  Meet Mrs. M. Sews.
Below are a few of my favorite things I've made so far.

I've already sold two  of these babies.

This one is a custom made street sign pillow. Cute eh? That's all for my Etsy news. Be sure to stop by Mrs. M. Sews
OK fellow Canadians, please tell my fellow Americans here that it is perfectly OK and legal might I add,  to listen to Christmas music the day after Halloween and to set up the Christmas decor 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  
Oh no you didn't Emily. 
Oh yes. I did.

Cheers to the most wonderful time of the year!

Grant- 3.5 months old

This post is a little over due, but better late then never right? This boy is growing so fast! I don't have an official weight on him or length but I'm guessing it's around 20 lbs, 25- 26ish ".   It's so amazing how one day he'll not know how to do something and then the next he'll know exactly what to do.  Oh my goodness, he gets cuter everyday too, if that's possible.  I'm a little biased.   OK, on with the latest and greatest...

Favorite Things:
Still mom's boobs
mom's hair
anything he can drool on

Special Talents:
pushing buttons
singing (sometimes in his sleep)
standing up (with someone holding his arms of course)
babbling and talking
giving himself a bath (with drool)

Favorite Passtimes:
still finding mom's boobs
sitting in his bumbo while mom makes dinner
going for walks
getting attention
bath time

having gas (when mom eats too much chocolate)
being left alone
being cold after a bath
wearing hats (this could be a problem when we go to Canada)
his fingers and fists
getting tickeled
sitting on mom's lap
watching basketball with dad
sleeping in a crib
computer screens (skype)
I took these last night while I was making a cake and Grant was being entertained by his bumble bee toy.  It looks like he's crying in a few but it's actually him "singing" and "talking" to Mr. Bee.

Nope, not crying.  Just really getting into the emotion of the song.

and for the big finish...

He also decided to give himself a bath.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011