Friday, November 18, 2011

Grant- 3.5 months old

This post is a little over due, but better late then never right? This boy is growing so fast! I don't have an official weight on him or length but I'm guessing it's around 20 lbs, 25- 26ish ".   It's so amazing how one day he'll not know how to do something and then the next he'll know exactly what to do.  Oh my goodness, he gets cuter everyday too, if that's possible.  I'm a little biased.   OK, on with the latest and greatest...

Favorite Things:
Still mom's boobs
mom's hair
anything he can drool on

Special Talents:
pushing buttons
singing (sometimes in his sleep)
standing up (with someone holding his arms of course)
babbling and talking
giving himself a bath (with drool)

Favorite Passtimes:
still finding mom's boobs
sitting in his bumbo while mom makes dinner
going for walks
getting attention
bath time

having gas (when mom eats too much chocolate)
being left alone
being cold after a bath
wearing hats (this could be a problem when we go to Canada)
his fingers and fists
getting tickeled
sitting on mom's lap
watching basketball with dad
sleeping in a crib
computer screens (skype)
I took these last night while I was making a cake and Grant was being entertained by his bumble bee toy.  It looks like he's crying in a few but it's actually him "singing" and "talking" to Mr. Bee.

Nope, not crying.  Just really getting into the emotion of the song.

and for the big finish...

He also decided to give himself a bath.


  1. Seriously so cute! You aren't biased he is really adorable! The stages, if you can believe it, get more and more fun! Wish we live closer so we could play!

  2. That is hilarious! If you don't already have a video camera you need to get one!!!

  3. AHHH he is so dang cute! I wish I got meet him soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun in canada. miss you guys! xoxoxo