Monday, June 6, 2011

week 28, 29 & 30

Dear Baby Boy, 
Mommy has lots to tell you because she hasn't written to you in a while.  
After her last ultrasound exam Mommy went to see Doctor Nugyn for a follow up exam to see what they found out about you from the ultra sound.  Turns out you are, well you were, 2.7 pounds, which is above the average baby at 28 weeks.  You were also measuring 3 days ahead of your due date. You sure are growing quickly! Doctor Nugyn also told Mommy that you were laying transverse, which means you were laying sideways instead of up and down like you are supposed.  Mommy has been praying that you'll flip over before you get too big to be able to do it and I think it worked because now she feels something up in her ribs and she's thinking its your little feet. 
You are a very active little baby and always making sure Mommy knows you're having fun "kicking it" in her tummy.  Mommy's belly has gotten so big that she almost has an outie.  She doesn't know if her belly can get much bigger but people keep telling her it will. oh boy...she's in for it.


  1. LOL I forgot about pregnancy outies. I used to cover it up with a bandaid so it wouldn't look so weird on the outside. Hang in there! Only two more months!

  2. You're getting so close- and looking so pregnant! It's THIS stage that everyone else thinks you look cute, but it's also THIS stage that you usually don't feel so cute- hang in there!