Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week 32

Dear Baby Boy,
This week has been HOT.  The summer heat is finally here in all its 100 degree glory.  Luckily you and Mommy have been keeping cool with the new windows Mommy and Daddy bought, watermelon, and neighbor Nicole's kiddie pool. 
As expected, you keep getting bigger and bigger and Mommy and Daddy are very anxious to see at our doctor appointment next week if you have flipped upside down like you are supposed to be. If you haven't done it yet, PLEASE be a good boy and do it for Mommy. 
Mommy and Daddy have been learning lots in their birth class and think they can now recognize all the signs that Mommy will have when she starts labour (like we have to be taught right? I think it'll be pretty obvious if all of a sudden Mommy's pants are all wet ).  Daddy is coming up with a plan of all the ways he can distract Mommy when she starts labour. 
Baby boy, you do have a name, but Mommy and Daddy are having a hard time deciding on a middle name for you.  If you like one a lot in particular that Mommy and Daddy talk about, just give Mommy a real good kick when they say it OK?


  1. Cute post! Glad you're keeping cool in the hot weather :) I hope he turns down!

  2. Gav, you really need to work on your preggo belly... isn't your doctor worried that you haven't gained enough weight? :)