Sunday, April 15, 2012

San Diego

This past week, Gavin, Grant and I got to visit San Diego.  Gavin had a conference there at the convention center from Wednesday to Friday.  We stayed at this posh hotel call the Omni Hotel and Resorts, which just happened to have a great view of the baseball diamond the Padres play in.  I'm not into baseball, but since we had a free view of the games, we watched bits of a couple.  
One of my best friends, Nicole, who used to be my neighbor, moved to San Diego last December and I got to spend some time with her and her family while I was down there.  We went shopping, ate dinner at their house and I also had my first Cheesecake Factory experience with her.  
Grant and I had fun hanging out in our room and of course walking around and exploring old down town San Diego.  Grant got SO much attention everywhere we went.  People would stop us on the sidewalk and goo and gah over him.  He was especially always the center of attention in the elevator going up and down to and from our room; he got everyone talking to him and telling him how cute he was.  He's such a flirt.  
Gav and I took Grant swimming for the first time at the hotel swimming pool.  He loved it and was all smiles, but we only lasted about 10 minutes because the wind was so cold.  The boys decided a warm bath in the tub was much better.  
San Diego was great.  We had a great time on our family get away, eating out, visiting friends and being us. If you have the chance, check out San Diego.

Grant, Ethan and Emily

Emily shopping at Old Navy. She would not take the boots off!
Grant chillin with his daddy in our room
A warm bath after a cold swim

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  1. Baby Grant is looking so grown up!

    ...and I am particularly fond of San Diego... that's where Jeremy and I got married!