Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grant's first bike ride

Gav and I've decided to take up biking as our family sport.  We pedal bikes and Grant rides in his chariot.   Wait, what?!  We change his diapers, sacrifice our sleep, wash endless loads of his laundry, feed him with a spoon  and pull him around in his own personal sleigh? 
Ya, I guess we do. Probably because he's awesome and we love him.

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  1. Bike trailers are awesome! Our kids are starting to get a little too big for it... but they can't really ride bikes themselves very well yet. So we can't go on as long of rides are we used to- because they end up fighting and screaming since there's no room. *Sigh* I miss being able to pack them up and go on a bike ride for an hour or two with Ian... enjoy your new toy! :)