Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grant- 9 months

Grant is 9 months old today and here's a few things about him:
28 " long-50th percentile
18.9 lbs-25th percentile
He is cruising around the house.  He hates crawling on hardwood and tile floors on his knees so he goes mogli-style on his hands and feet with his butt in the air.
He's got 2 bottom teeth.
He dances when music is playing and bobs up and down when Dad beat boxes.
He had his first hair cut.
He went swimming for the first time while we were in San Diego.
His favorite food is bananas, although he does love ice cream too.  Dad decided he's not allowed to have any more though because he has a complete melt down when it's all gone.
Loves Max.
He loves being outside and taking walks.
He's still super ticklish, especially under his chin, just like I was when I was little.
He has super mommy-separation anxiety.
He's really good at scaling wall, benches, cupboards, dressers, mom and dad's legs, anything he can pull himself up on. 
He can stand up with only one had supporting himself.
Shakes his head and thinks it's hilarious when we laugh at him for doing it.  
He's still awesome.

Photos taken by the amazing Sarah Allred


  1. What a sweet baby! Can't wait to meet him!

  2. Super cute photos! And he sounds like just a wonderful bundle of joy- it's a fun age! Wish I could see the bug walk though... you should try to post a pic/vid!