Sunday, March 27, 2011

a little adventure to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Beach

Last Saturday we took my adorable, single little sister to the airport so she could leave us for the snowy Canadian North. However, before she flew out of LA, we thought we'd show her around a little. Our first stop, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.  I don't know why, probably something to do with my lame computer but the picture only sho up if you click on the little boxes.
This place is for the rich and famous. Correction: the VERY rich and famous.
We found cars like this
and stores like this
and this
and sweet architecture like this.
Can you tell she's a tourist?
Our next stop was Santa Monica Pier
Is Gavin really that much taller than me?
good news, we still love each other. lots and lots and lots and lots (even though he's a Lakers fan).
Seagull chillin at the pier
And this lovely lady.  I miss you Sarah Jeanne! It was so much fun having you around for the last 2 months. I'm so proud of you and am so happy to be your sister. I love you!


  1. Great pictures! And yes, Gavin is that much taller than you!

    I miss my sister, too!

  2. Super fun last-minute trip with Sarah! And yes, Gavin really is that much taller than you. :)