Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 35

 Dear Grant,
 You now weigh about 5.5 pounds and are 36 weeks old tomorrow.  You are right on schedule to be born August 3rd. 
You like to smile and pout your little lips. Mommy loves your cute chubby cheeks; you got those from her.
Mommy's waist is now exactly 40 inches.
 Her mood varies; I think Daddy has just stopped trying to understand why Mommy can change moods so quickly, which is good because she doesn't even get it.
Daddy is good to Mommy. He rubs her feet and tells her she's beautiful even on days when she hasn't washed her face, brushed her hair or gotten dressed.
Mommy loves Daddy.  He's a good sport.
Mommy loves you too.


  1. Oh my gosh you make THE CUTEST pregnant lady ever! You might feel huge & horrible, but you look great! Hang in there- just a little bit longer and then you'll get to hold and snuggle Grant [instead of getting kicked by him]. :)

  2. You look so great you are going to lose your weight so fast! I can't believe you look so cute- I always looked like a blob! Grant is so cute- I love the facial expressions!

  3. Your pregnant belly is adorable! And so is yours Emily!

    Can't wait to meet little Grant!