Sunday, March 25, 2012

Grant-7 months

We sure love this little boy.  I know every mother thinks this of her child, but Grant is just the cutest, sweetest baby on the planet.  Here's few things we have learned about Grant this month:
He still loves bath time.
He loves to laugh at me when I sing to him ( not exactly what I imagined when I was rocking my baby to sleep).
He loves hitting things to make noise.
When Max is in the house, he has all of Grants attention. 
Speaking of dogs, Grant loves to chew/suck on everything, including chins.
Grant gives kisses, usually anywhere on a face but lips.
Grant loves to look around upside down.  He'll be laying on the floor and then arch his back so his head is upside down and just look around and smile.
Grant is getting pretty good at entertaining himself by playing with toys, although mom has to be somewhere in sight or he is not a happy boy.
Grant is a Mommas boy; for now anyways.
He loves to be outside.
Grant hates to have his face wiped.  He has a total meltdown and acts like a wet wash cloth is sandpaper coated with acid.  We're working on this.
Grant likes to go grocery shopping, carried in the moby wrap.
This boy has the sweetest smile.

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