Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grant- 1 month old

Grant is growing so fast and its no wonder, he eats all the time. He gets longer and heavier everyday, which is why I make Gavin carry him when he's in his car seat. Definately need to get back to the gym and get my arms in shape or else Grant is going to have to learn how to walk really quickly here.
2 weeks old

3 weeks old

4 weeks old
A few things we've learned about baby G so far:
 birth: 8 lbs 15 oz
3 weeks: 10 lbs 2 oz
birth: 22 inches
3 weeks: 22.5 inches
Favorite Things:
Mom's boobs
peeing on Mom or Dad
bath time
Special Talent:
passing gas
sitting in his bumbo
charming all the old ladies at church
finding Mom's boobs
Favorite Passtime:
being naked
being away from Mom's boobs
car rides
Mom's boobs


  1. Well, sounds like a nice normal healthy baby! I hope the nursing is going well as it's his favorite thing. ( : I think nursing hurts more than giving birth so I'm always hoping it goes well for others! What a cutie you have. (You know I'm totally jealous of your baby!)

  2. Haha this cracks me up! he is going to be a chunky huge baby- so fun.... it just means they are healthy! Is nursing going well? Sounds like he likes it- trust me it gets easier where they don't need/want to eat constantly! He is to cute!

  3. EMILY! I love this post. Thanks for the super cute pictures. He is darling. I can't wait to meet him. Love that he's starting to get the 'cheeks' and his little chin is adorable! Love you guys!

  4. Haha... isn't that just the truth! I like the pictures in the dresser drawer idea- easy to see exactly how much he's grown!

  5. So... what's his favorite thing? LOL. Too true!

  6. so cute!! and it's so fun to see you using cloth! aren't they great?