Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my little family...ya, we're nuts

ok, this face is adorble
he gets it from me.
i'm just kidding
last friday we had a picnic in the park

we got some food from a mexican food truck
i later found out its nick name is the roach coach
i won't be eating there again.
my two favorite boys
in the whole world.
definitely some basketball hands here.

and we call the dog nutsy
you're in for a treat.

i guess he doesn't like my glasses.

i like how gavin's " pose for crazy pictures" is completely normal. He's just a natural.


  1. You guys crack me up! And yeah, I'm not surprised you told Gav to be crazy and he just smiles... Can't wait to see Grant in person sometime- stop growing, Grant, I want to see you itty bitty! :(

  2. very cute. Love your baby he is precious.