Friday, February 10, 2012

Grant- 6 months

Grant is six months and four days old today. I have one word.  Wow.
Grant has really made a lot of progress over the past month.  Here's a few things we've learned about Grant this month:
He really loves music.  In the car he'll sing along to himself in the back seat.  He also loves to sit on his dad's lap at the piano and bang on the keys.  Sometimes he even sings in his sleep.
He is now sleeping through the night! Hallelujah, praise the Lord!  I have been praying and dreaming about this for a long time and it has finally happened!  Bed is usually around 8, 8:30-ish and he sleeps until about 5:30 to feed and then falls back asleep, sometimes in bed with me on days Gavin plays morning ball.
Grant can roll over on purpose now! In December he did it twice, but it was only because of the weight of his head. 
He is really grabby and grabs anything within his reach and tries to grab anything not in his reach, usually the bottle of syrup or ranch dressing at the dinner table.  He can grab his bottle and stick it in his mouth, but still can't figure out he has to tip it back to get anything out of it.  He can also stick his binky back in his mouth after he has pulled it out. Yay!
He can sit up all by himself.  Look ma, no hands!
Grant loves to laugh, especially when Gavin tickles him with his beard.  It's so funny! I love it.  He's a pretty happy boy, but when he's upset, watch out, or at least grab some ear plugs. 
Grant continues to love being outside.  He loves to go on walks in his stroller and look around.  The other day  we just sat on a blanket in the front yard and played together with Max. 
Grant loves Max.  He laughs and laughs as Max tries to lick him to death. 

Grant is awesome. We love him. 


  1. Awwww...that's pretty much all I can say about this post. :-D

  2. I'm so sad that we missed seeing him at the wedding! This reunion idea this summer had better pan out! ;)