Sunday, July 29, 2012

4th of July

The Fourth of July this year was great.  Every year the Ridgecrest Stake puts on a Fourth of July program and Flag Raising Ceremony, with a band that Gavin played in.  Keeping with MacGregor tradition, we got donuts after and the rest of the day we played games and took it easy.  Grant absolutely LOVES basketballs;  it's kind of crazy how much he likes them.  Before dinner he played basketball with Gavin on the court at Grandma and Grandpas and learned how to dribble too.  His dad is a pretty awesome teacher. We ended the day with a BBQ, ice cream sundaes and of course, fire works.  Grant was hypnotized by them.  We had a pretty spectacular day.  


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  1. Such a fun holiday- must be nice to have family around all the time! ;) And that is a GREAT picture of Grandma & Grandpa with Ari!