Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tip for a Happy Life: Find Joy in Simple Things

Find joy in simple things.  This is easier said than done but sometimes I do it by accident.  Let me tell you about four-way stops. 
There are alot of four-way stops in Ridgecrest, so many that there may or may not have been a few occasions where I've come to a red stop light, stopped and kept going instead of waiting for a green, just like you do at a four-way.  Well one day as I was driving across town to Walmart through all the four-way stops, I noticed a was smiling every time I came to the intersection.  I thought to myself "Emily, why are you smiling whenever you get to a four-way stop?!" and then I realized how great four-way stops are.
Here you have a bunch of complete strangers sharing. I wait and let someone take their turn and then they wait while I take my turn! Isn't that great?! Not to mention sometimes you even have people waving others through so someone else can have a turn when it really was the 1st person's turn. How mature. Just imagine a group of 5-year olds all sharing and taking turns with their toys instead of fighting over them.  Wouldn't that make you happy and proud?  Well I feel the same way about four-way stops.
I do realize that not all citizens of each city are good at four-way stops, but here in Ridgecrest I'd say we are pretty pro and that makes me smile whenever I stop at a four-way stop.


  1. You wouldn't smile if you lived here... someone waving another person on, while considerate, causes confusion- and people here are already confused enough as it is! The thing I hate most about living in Utah county is the drivers!

  2. I love the idea of enjoying the little things like 4 ways stops its rare to have experiences that make us stop and enjoy the little things! I will also note that Ridgecrest is a great place to 4 way stop but apparently a bit dangerous at the lights (people run through them;) )so when I come visit with my family next year I will make sure to let them know that we should only take the routes that have 4 way stops! Can't wait to see you guys next month!