Monday, June 18, 2012

Grant- 10 Months

My baby is 10 months old...sniff, sniff. Soon I'll be writing that he's 10 years old.  They don't lie when they say that time flies; it does. I'm not even lying. This guy has a lot to show for his age.  Here's a few things we've learned about Grant this month and few things he's learned as well.
He gets around EVERYWHERE, including the fireplace where he likes to rearrange the candles I have in there.   When I ask him what he's doing, he just turns around and grins, then gets right back to his business.
He has learned to open cupboard doors and there is constantly the contents of both bathroom cabinets on the floor.
This boy loves apricots, well any fruit for that matter.  While I was picking them from the tree at Grandma's, he was picking them up off the ground and taking a bite of each as fast as he could.  We get pretty sticky around here these days.
He takes baths in the tub now instead of the kitchen sink.  He crawls around in there and splashes so much I just pull the shower curtain shut and let him go at it.  He's pretty fearless when it comes to water. Speaking of which, he had his first shower.
Grant has graduated to a new car seat since he exceeds the height limit of his old one.  A few more months and he can face forward.  I think I'm more excited for that than he is.  I live through my child some days.
The tantrums have started. That is all I will say on the subject.
I can hear him going through the bathroom cabinet right now.
I've been giving him cows milk here and there just to get him ready and he's been doing great on it.
He's just started to give high fives, which is awesome.
His top teeth might be coming in.  It's either that or he has just felt like getting me up at 12:30 in the morning the past few nights.
Max and Grant are the best of friends, which is the only reason why I don't take that dog to the pound when he digs up my flowers (That sounds like my mom.  That's a story for another time though).


  1. What a sweetheart. He is too cute. I'm glad to know that my girls aren't the only ones who enjoy rearranging all your candles!

  2. So cute! Time really does fly. My first baby IS turning 10 this year. Super weird. When Liah was that age, it was always the contents of my kitchen drawers that were on the floor. She was particularly fond of the towels and bibs. And sorry about the tantrums... all I can say is good luck!
    Pictures are adorable! I can't wait to meet him next month!

  3. So when Tavish said to put Ariadne "in the fireplace," I think he must have meant Grant. JK :-) (And for all who weren't there, he said this accidentally- I don't think he really wants to make Ari a chimney sweep. At least, not yet. LOL)

  4. Such a FUN age! Can't wait to see him next month- I'll try to have the house as baby-proofed as I can! :)