Monday, June 18, 2012

happenings around here

 Grant was invited to his friend's first birthday party. Obviously I had to get my face painted and he had to get a fake tattoo.

This is my project of the month( I know, I've been a slacker).  My sewing table needed a new paint job. Voila.

 Gav and I have been keeping busy with house renos and we finally finished the casings around the entry way from the living room to the dining room. I LOVE it.  My husband has become quite the handyman.  We've also been busy bees in the back yard.  Pictures to come next month.

 For last month's project of the month, I made these curtains for the dining room.  Sorry for the poor picture quality.
I have also been busy sewing for my etsy shop.  I've decided to do a baby section and so far I've made a bunch of reversible baby booties.  I'm really excited about them.


  1. I am always amazed at how much you get done... when you were pregnant and posting all the stuff you were doing I'd say to myself- she'll slow down when the baby comes. Now the baby's been here for 10 months and you haven't slowed down. Maybe when you have 2... ;)

  2. I love all the projects! I love the trim around the doors... if I ever get my new house, that is what we are going to have. I love it. And the baby booties are so cute! Nice work!

    p.s. Hi Tara!

  3. Oh dang - me and my 'dragon slayer' face art ;) The sewing table looks good! I love the blue.

    Hi Amy :)

  4. You are so crafty! the house is looking amazing and your sewing table is so dang cute!