Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nursing Cover

Yesterday I called up my sister Annie, who's due in October to chat.  Turns out we both had the brilliant idea of making nursing covers on the exact same day. Here's how mine turned out and I'm super excited to see how her turned out.  I followed a tutorial found here The fabric I used is by my all time favorite fabric designer, Amy Butler.

 I also found a onesie on someone's blog that I can't remember now, but I thought it was so cute for a little boy and this is how mine turned out.  Funny story... When my Grandma Jeanne saw Gavin for the first time, she noticed he was wearing arguyle socks.  She leaned over and told my Mom that she automatically liked him and that he was going to be a good husband for me (this was before I had even really met him in person for the first time).  She was right. You can tell alot about a guy from his socks.
 I have NO decorations for the babie's room and I thought I should get going since I only have about 3 more months until he arrives.  I picked this rug up at Walmart for 3 dollas. I love red and I love polka dots.
 Is it just me or am I HUGE? If all of a sudden you wake up tomorrow and the sun is nowhere in sight, don't worry, just stay calm. I must have just walked in front of it.


  1. Emily! I love your nursing cover you made. Amy Butler is one of my all time favorites, as well. You are doing so much crafting and everything looks absolutely great!
    I have been enjoying reading the letters you have been writing the baby. It's such a fun idea.
    Hope all is well.

  2. lol, you are funny. :) I love that argyle onesie!

  3. Cute nursing cover! I have a different kind that I love. I love Amy Butler too!

    And you aren't that huge! Just wait a few more months...

  4. Oh my goodness Emily you are so not huge! Your cover is so cute. Could you please rub some of your creativity on me.

  5. Super cute Emily- I love nursing covers- they are so handy especially at church! You are so creative and crafty- I can't wait to see what you do with little grant's room!!!

  6. Agreed- you're not huge. JUST WAIT. :)