Saturday, April 2, 2011

What i've been up to lately...

Here's a few pictures of what I've been doing in my spare time. Ok so there's a lot of pictures, I kind of got carried away. 
The current state of my living room
I LOVE decorating my mantel and for spring I put my collection of bottles on it. No, I do not drink wine. 
After about 5 months, I FINALLY finished painting the kitchen cabinets, a project I will never do again. I think they should make inmates in prison paint kitchen cabinets, it's that bad.
I don't have a before picture, but this used to be ugly brown stain with door on top too.  My lovely sister Sarah painted it and I turned it into a book shelf.
I wanted some decor for Valentines day and I was inspired by Gavin. Haha, i'm so cheesy. This is what I came up with.

A camera strap for my fancy new Cannon Rebel. My Hubby loves me.

The free file cabinet we got.
The free file cabinet painted up.

This beast of a creature I bought at the thrift store for $ 5.

It also just needed some TLC
Look Ma, I didn't kill them...yet. I've got some rosemary, basil, parsley, chives and bell peppers. I've never seen a bell pepper in it's natural habitat. As far as I knew, they grew in the produce section at the grocery store.
We got this for free from a lady Gavin works with.
It really is amazing what a coat of paint and new hardware can do.
I grew those poppies!
This is our bedroom, I think the bed gives it away. I bought this FABULOUS bedspread at TJ Max and every morning I wake up and I may or may not hug it.
My new headband I made yesterday.
I made these shoes a couple days ago. They were suprisingly easy once I figured it out.
 Just kidding. I have decided that I absolutely refuse to be a frumpy pregnant lady. I will continue to wear skinny jeans, headbands, form fitting shirts and high heels. These were so cute, and comfy that I couldn't pass them up. Besides, they were on sale and they're red.


  1. Wow! Everything looks SOOO good!

    And you are lucky, it wasn't until I was pregnant with Emily that they actually started making cute maternity clothes. Pregnancy is beautiful. Live it up! (plus it helps to at least look fabulous when you don't feel it!)

  2. well look at you, you little crafty lady! Everything is so cute... and DONT apoligize for too many pictures.. i dont think its possible to have too many pictures... ps i wanna see some belly pics! :)

  3. Super impressive! You and I must have a chat next time we're together about painting and resurfacing things- it's something I plan to do with several things myself and you do such a professional-looking job! And I just LOVE your personality [hugging your comforter, inspired by Gav to make a lovey dovey pillow...] you crack me up!

  4. Everything looks so good! I'm excited to see it all in person!