Wednesday, April 27, 2011

week 25

Dear Baby,
You are already training to be a basketball player; you're CONSTANTLY bouncing around inside of Mommy and she loves it. This week Daddy and Mommy were excited to put together a brand new stroller and install a brand new car seat for you.  It took a little while, but after Mommy convinced Daddy to read the instructions, they got it figured out.  Mommy is very excited to take you on walks in it with Max.
This week was Easter.  Mommy ate a little too much sugar but you didn't mind; you were having a party in her tummy.
Yesterday, Mommy and Daddy went to see Doctor Nugyn.  We got to listen to your heart beating a million miles a minute. When the nurse first put the monitor on Mommy's tummy it sounded like we were underwater and she couldn't find your heart beat because you were moving around too much.  When she found it though, it sounded exactly like we were listening to a horse race with lots of hooves racing around like Seabiscuit.  You are definately Mommy's little jumping bean. 

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