Friday, October 19, 2012

Grant lately

Lately Grant has learned to work and listen to an ipod.  He has learned which remote goes to the DVD player, the ipod dock and the TV and he knows that he has to point it at each and push a button.  He knows how to skip a song and turn up the volume on the TV.  He's definitely growing up in a different generation than I did; that makes me feel old saying that.
Grant loves to sweep and swiffer the floors.  The swiffer is arguably his favorite toy.  He also will take a piece of toilet paper, wipe of the toilet lid and then throw it away in the trash.  He's a pretty good little cleaner.  
He is obsessed with drinking water out of Gavin or my running water bottle.
Grant was recently introduced to sidewalk chalk and drawing.  Although he seems very interested in eating it, he's pretty good at drawing random lines, including on my couch.  Good thing he hasn't discovered markers yet or he could end up in the dog house with his name changed to mud.
Speaking of dog houses, Grant says "ruff ruff" and plays in Max's cage. 
Grant is also pretty cute in his jeans shirtless.


  1. Oh my Goodness Em! He is looking so big! He definitely is a little boy now! Love him! Wish we could get the boys together soon...

  2. So cute!!! I miss little Granty-pants!

  3. I like his little potbelly over his jeans- way cute! :-)