Saturday, October 20, 2012

The never ending project ended

When I found out I was pregnant with Grant I was convinced I was having a girl, no doubt about it.  I bought cute girl dresses, made flowered headbands, put together my first quilt (pink and purple of course) and I bought fabric to make a girly crib bumper set.
Well, turns out my girl was a boy. Oops.  While dramatically shedding many tears, I packed away all the dresses, headbands, etc., including the half put together bumper set, convinced I was doomed to be that lady that has 7 boys and no girls. 
I've since gotten over it after my perfect little Grant-o joined us and changed my mind.  The other day I pulled out the bumper mess and set to work.
 I am VERY happy to announce I finished it and no I'm not pregnant.  I just really wanted to get one thing pulled out of my unfinished project pile.  I'll probably just list it in my Etsy shop or wait to see what the next babe is.  What do you think? Should I keep it?


  1. Give it to me! haha Or keep it for yourself. Its too cute to sell. Seriously. I'm in love!

  2. Oh, that is so cute! Keep it. You'll surely have a girl someday and be able to use it. ( :

  3. Um. . . That is THE cutest crib set EVER! Please keep it. It would be too sad to see it go to someone else! You are amazing!

  4. You need to keep it.. It is very cute!! You did a great job.